Public University of Ptuj (PUP) is a modern, user friendly adult education center, professionally recognized, highly experienced with rich mixture of programs for different target groups. With almost 100 years of experience in both formal and non-formal education, we are the leading adult education center in region.

We were established by the Municipality of Ptuj for educational services, the implementation of which is in the public interest. Currently our staff number is 13, together with over 80 external experts each year. The number of our participants varies between 1.500 – 2.500 per year.

PUP offers vast number of formal and non-formal learning programs for both professional and daily life, with high emphasis on inclusion of seniors through numerous activities for active ageing. Our programs are predominantly under the domain of Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, and in the last years also the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs and Ministry of Agriculture.

Adult Education at the PUP consists of six fields: formal education (from primary school to tertiary education), informal public educational programs (programs TSL – Training for success in life and a courses in English and German), vocational training, non-formal education (foreign languages and computer courses, University for the Third Life Period, numerous courses for companies, specialized trainings in the field of legislation, communication skills …), activities of adult education in the national interest (Centre for intergenerational learning, Knowledge exchange, study circles, self-learning Centre) and additional professional assistance in both formal and non-formal education for participants (Counseling Centre Ptuj).

In the years 2008 – 2018 we were the leading organization for several projects on the field of lifelong education, ICT courses for seniors, workshops for unemployed, EU study visits, project and activities for raising the level of literacy, workshops for younger people for motivating them to finish their education, different EU supported ERASMUS+ (and former GRUNDTVIG projects) and a lot more.

PUP is currently (2018) involved in several national and international projects: leading Norway Grants project, being partner in 8 Erasmus+ projects, partner in 2 EU for Citizens projects.

 International project are becoming more and more important each year. Gaining new experience and sharing expertise amongst expert adult education community in wide EU area is one of our missions, which also shows in the large number of involved stakeholders and policy makers (Municipality of Ptuj as a strong supporter of our activities). This confirms that our work at lifelong learning implementation is recognized by community, both local and national. We are a proud owner of the quality sign POKI, national certificate for quality implementation of educational programs in our portfolio. We have also been awarded Q-School Slovenia 2008 award and Best adult education facility in Slovenia in 2010.

Participants come from different target groups: participants in formal education (age from 18 to 55+), targeted employed people (in different cooperating companies, both public and private), unemployed and longtime unemployed, women after 50, senior citizens, people with learning difficulties, drop-outs and people with special needs.

PUP has the ability and equipment needed for implementation of several different activities. Amongst our expertize are research capabilities, consisting of needs analysis and state of the art research, as educators of adults we have a lot of experience in preparation of different educational programs and modules for implementation of skills.

As project coordinators in other EU and national projects we are experienced also in elaboration and validation activities, project management, financial management and dissemination actions. Since 2010, we are also working on the field of distant learning, with activities connected with e-learning implementation and promotion of ICT skills.

Since 2017, we offer also mobile tool for distant counselling, available for free at We have the experience in website design and publication of both digital and printed materials.

Amongst our expertize are competences for organizing large (and small) scale events, from conferences, seminars or symposiums to different dissemination and exploitation activities on local, national and international level. PUP strives for excellence and try constantly to be innovative and creative, matching the needs and possibilities of local environment with experience and up-to-date educational offer.

IRR Team
Mojca Volk
Petja Janžekovič
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