The “Mobilisation knowledge” multiplier events will take place in each partner country aiming at involving as much as possible target groups (researchers and research responsibles in universities) as they do not need to travel to another place.

The events objectives are as follows:

  1. Raise awareness about the need of carry out a more inclusive research.
  2. Show strategies of KM as a way to be more inclusive in the research processes.
  3. Test the online tool and get feedback to improve it. It will consist of the description of the results from the reports about KM (O1), showing and discussing about the good practices detected in the interviews. After that, research groups attendants will test the online tool (O2) so that they can carry out a self-assessment and provide us with feedback about the tool.

The workshop will be held in the country official language. In that way, we will sure that all the participants will understand everything, and the discussion and feedback will be richer.